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15 Years
Experience in Home Cleaning
About Us

Specialist in Home Cleaning with 25 years of experience

Home Sevak is a game changer when it comes to quality housekeeping. We provide the best residential and commercial cleaning services with a highly skilled & professionally trained staff. We care for your health and the environment so we only use non-toxic products and safe equipment. Our friendly cleaning team will not only save you large amount of time by taking your chores off your hands, but also give you a standard of cleanliness that goes above and beyond what you could ever do alone.

Our services will keep your premises in top conditions. Your home, office or commercial spaces will be left sparkling, spotless and sanitized from the inside and out. We zero in on grime, grease and dirt in hard to reach places and corners which go unnoticed by you and make sure no residue remains.

We will work closely with your needs and expectations to develop a cleaning plan which truly delivers and maintains a high standard of hygiene which only a professional cleaning service provider can achieve.

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