7 Tips to keep mosquitoes out during a Dengue epidemic

As the epidemic of dengue continues to spread in the country, it has become imperative to take preventive measures in order to avoid the breeding of mosquitoes around your home and neighbourhood. Dengue is caused by female Aedesaegypti mosquitoes who tend to bite during the daytime. The outbreak of Dengue is termed as the largest in the last five years and while the govt. is taking efforts to keep mosquitoes at bay, there are some simple things we can do on our part to avoid breeding of these dangerous insects.

  1. Empty Buckets – Remember to turn over all empty buckets in the house so that they don’t collect extra water. If you must store water in a bucket or pail, make sure to cover it properly. Also, keep your mugs in bathrooms and glasses in the kitchen absolutely dry.
  2. Watch Flower Pots – Remove all plates or containers below your flower pots that may accommodate excess water. Try not to over-water your plants and clean out all empty pots. Water plants just once in 2-3 days during the monsoons.
  3. Regular Cleaning – Dengue causing mosquitoes generally breed in dark places and corners around the home. Clean out all the junk lying out your corners or store rooms and spray mosquito repellents regularly.
  4. Cooler Care – If you have a cooler around your home, make sure to clean the water tray regularly, even if you aren’t using the coolers on a daily basis.
  5. Cover Dustbins– Remember to always cover your dustbins as open baskets are an invitation to mosquitoes and flies for breeding around your home.
  6. Use Mosquito Nets or Screens – Especially if you have babies or small children in the house, it is a good idea to invest in the classic mosquito net. You can also add wire mesh or screens in the windows to minimise the entry of mosquitoes in your home. But be sure that they are free of holes or else the purpose of avoiding mosquitoes won’t be fulfilled.
  7. Keep Yourself Mosquito Free – Apply mosquito repellent on your body and wear protective clothing in order to avoid getting a mosquito bite. Remember that you can never be too careful during a dengue epidemic and thus, you must be well-prepared at all times.

Staying in hygienic conditions, preventing water stagnation and covering yourself as much as possible will help keep dengue mosquitoes at bay!

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