10 Brilliant Household Cleaners You Already Own

10 Brilliant Household Cleaners You Already Own

10 Brilliant Household Cleaners You Already Own

If you’re planning to clean your home but don’t have the time or energy to run to the store and get the necessary supplies, don’t fret! There are many ingredients in your home that can be used as excellent cleaners. 10 of the most useful ones include:

Coffee Grounds – Place new or used coffee grounds in your fridge to eliminate odours and keep them smelling fresh. You just need to replace them every two months!

Vinegar – If you use a dishwasher at home, white vinegar is a great ingredient to deep clean your machine. Just pour ½ a cup in the detergent section and run the empty machine for one cycle.

Newspapers – Before you throw out your old newspapers, use them to soak all the leaks and odours from the bottom of your trashcan and get rid of all the garbage grime.

Lemon – Squeeze some lemon juice in a small bowl and place the cut halves as well in the microwave for five minutes. It will eliminate cooking odours and will loosen the hardened splatters so that you can wipe easily with a damp cloth.

Lint Brush – You can use your lint brushes to clean the dust from your plant leaves and lamp shades.

Rice – Can’t reach the bottom of a narrow vase? Pour 2 spoons of dry rice mixed with ½ cup warm water, cover with your palm and shake properly before you rinse to clean your vase thoroughly.

Blow Dryer – You can clean the chandeliers in your home with a blow dryer set on low.

Chalk – Take your kids’ chalk to clean the rings from your shirt collars. Just rub it on the stains, let it soak and dust away the chalk for a cleaner collar.

Baby Oil – Use it once or twice a month to clean your sink, shower or tubs after you apply a disinfectant.

Baking Powder & Lemon Juice – Make the mixture in equal parts and leave it on your tiles or shower curtains for two hours before you rinse for removing mildew.

These simple tricks will surely keep your home cleaner at a lower cost!

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