The Dirty Truth of Carpets

The Dirty Truth of Carpets

The Dirty Truth of Carpets

Carpets add a unique personality to your floors and make your home cosier and comfortable. Unfortunately, due to the poor carpet hygiene levels in most homes, there is a rapid increase in the bacteria and pathogens found in carpets, putting families in the country at risk. While it may look clean and beautiful from the outside, your carpets are a breeding grounds for bacteria, with nearly 200,000 bacteria in every square inch, which is 4,000 times more than your toilet seat. The stomach virus can also live in your carpets for nearly 4 months, causing many health problems to your family, especially kids.

5 Secrets Your Carpet is Hiding from You:

1. Though your carpets might appear clean, they can be hiding nearly half a kg of dirt in every square metre
2. Your home carpets can actually be seven times dirtier than the streets in your city
3. Just 30 gm of carpet dust can be home to 2000 dust mites
4. Out of all the dust that comes in your home, 80% might be coming from people’s feet
5. The most common allergens can be buried in your carpets, causing your entire family and even pets to sneeze and sniffle often

Why Opt for Professional Carpet Cleaning?

While vacuuming your carpets on a regular basis can help combat the top layers of dirt and dust, it might not be a great solution to remove all the bacteria and allergens. Deep cleaning your carpets is a must to remove all the dirt, bacteria and dust that’s stuck in the fibres of your carpet. Professionals can ensure better air quality around your home, prevent illnesses and health risks for your family and remove all the tough stains on your carpet without leaving any residue. With timely professional cleaning, you can also ensure better future upkeep of your beloved carpets and keep them looking fresh and beautiful for a long time!

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