The Secret Grime that Resides in your Office

The Secret Grime that Resides in your Office

The Secret Grime that Resides in your Office

While homes are kept immaculately clean without question, the grime hidden at workplaces and commercial spaces tells a different story. Often going unnoticed, this can contribute toward an unhygienic and sloppy work environment. This write-up helps you discover the dirt you never knew existed.

The Breakroom

Whether your office has a break room or a pantry, ensuring this place is cleaned frequently is vital. Often littered with food crumbs and leftover dredges of tea or coffee powder, this space is where roaches rule the roost! It is critical that you opt for timely general cleaning services and a bi-monthly deep cleaning service to guarantee the health and safety of your employees.

Studies show that a pristine pantry results in fewer employees opting for sick leave.

Tabletops and Desk tops

Be it warehouse, eateries, a school or even a corporate office, every space houses tables, desks or other grime coated surfaces. Right from the conference table to individual desks, the hidden grime may shock you. A thorough deep-cleaning service shall rid all your office surfaces of dust and bacteria.

Computers Screens and Keyboards

Often coated with a fine layer of dust, laptop screens are seldom cleaned on a daily basis. The keyboard of a computer is another spot that easily accumulates grime until the keys are sticky. Frequently causing employees to fall sick or even contract allergies, such dirt peppers most offices. If you desire a first-rate commercial cleaning experience, then reach out to us at HomeSevak right away!



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