4 Important Questions to Ask When You Hire a Cleaning Service

Hiring deep cleaning services that you trust can be a daunting task. Especially with so many options in the market, multiple price ranges and various categories of offerings, it is easy to get lost in the process.

We bring you 4 vital questions to ask the company in order to make sure they are fit for the job:

1.For How Long Have You Been in Business?

An established company with experienced staff members will be in a much better position to offer quality services compared to a new company.

2. Do You Bring Your Own Equipment and Cleaning Supplies?

You should know what to expect in terms of the cleaning equipment. Confirm beforehand if the company is bringing all the equipment required for the job. Also, many general cleaning services now use eco-friendly products that are free of chemicals so it is a better choice to opt for such services.

Cleaning Services
Cleaning Services

3. What Services Are Included?

Always get a written checklist of all the cleaning services included in your package. This will help you know exactly what you’re paying for and won’t leave any unexpected surprises towards the end.

House Cleaning
House Cleaning

4.Is Your Staff Pre-Screened and Trained?

Hire a company that conducts a background screening of their employees as you will be letting them inside your precious home. Also, check the level of training they provide to their employees so that you can be assured of a quality service.

Staff Pre-Screened
Staff Pre-Screened

Asking these questions when hiring PG room cleaning services or residential services will provide you complete peace of mind.Contact  HomeSevak  today to ensure your property is maintained by the best hands in the business.

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