Kick-starting Your Cleanliness Drive

It is an ancient Indian sentiment to consider one’s own home as a temple that must be cared for with utmost respect. It is not uncommon for Indian families to make sure that they maintain scrupulously clean homes. Then why do we not follow this same habit when it comes to taking care of the cleanliness of our communities, cities and the nation on the whole?

Swachh Bharat – A Well Intentioned Initiative

While Indians that travel abroad come back with raving opinions on the cleanliness levels there, we find it challenging to follow a clean way of life in our own nation. This is probably why the Prime Minister of India took on the Swacch Bharat Mission with extreme gusto. That said, simply taking a picture with a broom in hand a solution to the problem?

It is easy for us to put the blame on the local municipality and government, but how often do we Indians as citizens take necessary steps to minimize the filth? Instead of hoping that someone will pick up after us, as the local population, it is upon us to no create the filth in the first place.

While we work hard to maintain spick and span homes, as soon as we step out, we use our city as a community trash can, assuming there is a municipal corporation worker ready to clean up after us 24×7.

Cleanliness does start at home, but home is not limited to the 4 walls in which we live, but the parts of the community and the city that we use every single day.

As Indian’s we must realise that ‘What is outside my home is also mine to take care of’.

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