Why ditch your traditional cleaning Micro-Fiber cloth?

Cleaning is a rigorous process that can be simplified by using the right gear. If you are still stuck in traditional cleaning methods of using cotton or towel rags, it’s time that you should move on to microfiber technology for an effortless cleaning.

This cloth is a combination of two fibers, polyamide and polyester. While former is known for its water absorbent property, the latter adds a smooth and polished finish to any surface. Perks of using microfiber cloth for cleaning are:

A Glossy shine in your home:

Rugs are hard and abrasive. They tend to cause scratches on your valuable furniture and fixtures. Delicate surfaces of your appliances are easily dented by this conventional stuff. Hence, it is advisable to use lint-free and non-abrasive microfiber cloths that never leave behind any mark. At the same time, it lets you handle this daily errand with some easy strokes.

No ugly Water-marks:

Often, you can notice unsightly water marks appearing on your appliances and furniture immediately after cleaning. This is because cotton and towel rags aren’t enough water-absorbent. But microfiber cloths are far superior in this function and clean the surfaces thoroughly. Keep it somewhat damp while cleaning the dry surfaces to get better results with minimum efforts.

Chemical-free cleaning:

Chemicals have invaded our homes in many ways, for instance in cleaning agents. But, microfiber cloths do not require any such chemical to make your house dirt-free and spotless. It can easily wipe out dust and clean your house thereby adding sheen to every surface being touched by it.

With increasing awareness for a toxic-free living, it has become imperative to incorporate these practices in your house cleaning as well. In this regard, you can lay your trust upon the specialized Deep Cleaning Service by Home Sevak that comes with non-toxic cleaning products.

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