Easy tips to clean your kid’s room!

It is nothing short of a war cry to make your kids clean their rooms. Usually, this quest ends up being farcical for the parents as they end up doing the chores themselves. You can minimise the conundrum of this cleaning spree. Simply try using several time-tested methods devised by some smart moms and mix them up with your own innovations to bring an order to the most chaotic place in your home.

Sort & De-Clutter

It is a known fact that kids’ rooms are often stacked with hordes of unwanted stuff. Broken toys, scattered pieces of puzzles, stained clothes, books, etc. can be noticed lying in every nook and corner. So, start your cleaning with de-cluttering of these things. Sort the items and put them in relevant boxes, drawers, baskets, or the trash bin.

Involve the kids in cleaning

It is extremely important to teach your kids the life lessons of cleaning their room regularly. Introduce a reward system and always avoid nagging or yelling at them. Instead, inspire them to clean their stuff. Also, give them ample time to clear all the mess with their tiny hands.

Organize from your child’s perspective

Remember, once you clean this room, it will be used by your kids. So, place things according to their eye level. Always organise the stuff from bottom to top. Keep frequently used toys on lower shelves while rarely used items can be rested on top shelves. Labeling of things is also an excellent idea to help your kids in organising everything in the room.

Despite these easy tips, cleaning can become a daunting at times when you have a tight schedule. Here, you can de-stress your mind by handing over this job to cleaning experts like us. We have the latest cleaning products and a team of cleaners apt in cleaning even the most cluttered homes with ease.

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