Get rid of the ugly soap films !

It is vital to maintain stringent hygiene in bathrooms. Nevertheless, you can easily notice a thin filmy layer of soap or scum on your bathroom tiles, tubes, and other fixtures. It not only looks ugly but also makes your bath spaces toxic because scum is formed by the accumulation of dead skin, bacteria, body oils, dirt, and other impurities. Furthermore, it can cause infections or diseases. However, you can get rid of this worrisome scum with specialised and regular cleaning of your bathroom.

How to prevent formation of soap scum?

  • Usually, scum is formed when soaps come in contact with body oils. Hence, it is preferable to use liquid soaps instead of bathing bars to restrict this continual formation. Actually, liquid soaps are detergent-based. Hence, they do not form soapy films all around your bathroom.
  • Oily bubble bath is the next culprit allowing frequent accumulation of soapy film around the bathtub. It also develops cluttered rings of soap scum on the corners of tub. You can avoid this phenomenon by mixing a small quantity of baking soda in your bubble bathtub and enjoy a scum-free bath.
  • Another way to prevent the formation of soap films in your bathtub is to keep it dry. Soap scum results from a natural process which generally takes place in wet areas. Hence, after every shower, wipe clean your tub to negate any likelihood of soap film formation.

How to clean soap scum?

How to clean soap scum?It can be cleaned with natural ingredients that are found easily in every house. Three most effective cleaning agents to tackle and get rid of soap films are:

  • Baking soda
  • Borax powder
  • Vinegar

You can also get this job done by professional hands of specialized cleaning service providers: Home Sevak. We have an expert cleaning staff and believe in using non-toxic cleaning products offering corner-to-corner cleaning and sanitation of your bathrooms.

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