Remove sticky and greasy layers from kitchenware!

Kitchen should be the cleanest part of a house and we strive hard to maintain the sanctity of this notion. But sticky, greasy layer called as gunk collected around kitchenware, cabinets, and corners spoils all these efforts. This percolated layer can get nasty when accumulated on your kitchen appliances. It is stiff and hard to clean with normal brushing and scrubbing. Hence, you need to take help of professional housekeeping services or clean it yourself with the help of tips given below.

How to prevent accumulation of greasy grime in kitchen?

  • Remember to clean this sticky grease once in every two weeks. Regular cleaning of kitchenware does not allow dirt to form an ugly layer of gunk. You should also clean filters, vent, and other areas of kitchen at least once every month to prevent its formation.
  • Prefer covering the utensils while cooking by using proper lids. This will minimize emission of vapors which gets accumulated and forms this unsightly and sticky layer of grease.
  • Try to avoid touching the cabinets or kitchenware with greasy fingers. Oil gets stuck to their surface with this contact. During the course of time, dust particles accumulate around it and form a layer of thick layer of grime.

How to Reclaim a Spotless Kitchen?

Vinegar, baking soda, oil, water, detergent, etc. are useful ingredients to clean off this sticky layer of grease from your kitchen. Removing them requires wet cleaning but many of your kitchen appliances may be fit for dry cleaning only. Chimney top, stove top, vent, etc. can be made grease-free with wet cleaning. But, kitchen appliances, wooden shafts, electric switchboards, etc. should be cleaned using a dry process.

To make things hassle-free, you can avail our professional Home Cleaning Services to clean every corner of your kitchen & home with toxic-free cleaning agents and advanced cleaning equipment.

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