Armrest & Legs Cleaning

Armrest & Legs Cleaning
15 Years
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Armrest & Legs Cleaning

A deep clean can restore the shine of your house like no other! A house accumulates things like wall stains, cobwebs, scuff marks and what not and more often than not, it is usually in the places you’re constantly working at. It is of utmost importance to get a deep cleaning done once in a couple of months to eliminate any signs of unwanted nonsense hiding in the crooks and crannies of your house. Whether it is the bathroom, living room, bedroom or kitchen, dirt ,bugs and rodents can find their way there.

Our Deep Cleaning Services will ensure an ultra-clean and sparkling home that feels as good as new! Once compliments start pouring in, deep cleaning will be just another habit. Our trained professionals commit to deep clean your house in places you wouldn’t know could be dirty. In the end your furniture, tiles, windows and everything else will look like a picture in a catalogue.

Deliverable :

  • Floor Scrubbing using Cleaning Machine
  • Scrubbing of Skirting
  • Cleaning of Window, Door & Glasses
  • Cleaning of Lights, Fans & Switches
  • Vacuuming of Sofa Upholstery
  • Dusting of Furniture
  • Cleaning of Balconies
  • Kitchen Cleaning
  • Chimney & Exhaust Fan Cleaning
  • External Cleaning of Appliances
  • Cleaning of Gas Burners & Counter tops
  • Descaling of Bathroom Accessories
  • Cleaning of Wash Basins & Sinks
  • Water Closet Sanitization
Flats Size Rates
1 BHK upto ( 700 Sqft) ₹ 3999/- Book Now
2 BHK upto (1100 Sqft) ₹ 4999/- Book Now
3 BHK upto (1600 Sqft) ₹ 5999/- Book Now
4 BHK upto (2100 sqft) ₹ 6999/- Book Now
5 BHK - ₹ 7999/- Book Now
1 Room Deep Cleaning - ₹ 1049/- Book Now
1 Balcony Deep Cleaning - ₹ 799/- Book Now

4-6 hrs


4-5 Personnel


Verified Staff


Eco Friendly


Semi Mechanized