Simple laundry hacks to save your precious time!

The shortage of time and a harried lifestyle needs you to be smart. When time is at a premium, it becomes daunting to clean your laundry regularly. You can plan all your household chores according to your schedule. But cleaning laundry is always a laggard and lengthy chore. Dirty clothes blemished with stubborn stains, grease marks, discolor, etc. can be difficult to tackle.

But, here are given some laundry hacks that will not only save your time but also deliver best results.

Use Multiple Laundry Baskets

Make it a practice to use two baskets to stockpile your white clothes and colored clothes separately. This will save your time and effort of sorting the laundry every morning. Whenever the baskets are filled with clothes, just put them in the washing machine without worrying about colour bleeding or staining.

Use Cold Water

Often tags on clothes suggest washing in warm water. But you may use cold water for cleaning normal dirty clothes unless they are excessively soiled. This process will save your time, lengthen the life of garment and save electricity as well.

Use Proper And Adequate Detergent

It is essential to use good quality detergent in an adequate quantity as suggested by the laundry experts. Insufficient detergent will leave your clothes dirty and harsh ones can severely damage their texture. Also, use fabric softeners after washing to retain the texture and shine of the fabrics.

Remove Wrinkles Of Clothes Without Ironing

Ironing on the clothes is a time-consuming task. You can spray a solution of lavender oil and water on them to clear all the wrinkles. Lavender oil is fiber-relaxant and makes the crease lines disappear from the clothes.

Simply use these hacks to tackle your laundry on a regular basis and be a smart homemaker.

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